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For other Golden Fleece Hotels, see Golden Fleece Hotel.

The Golden Fleece Hotel was in Ballarat, Victoria, 1854>




The Golden Fleece Hotel was in Lydiard Street, Ballarat. The site was later occupied by the English, Scottish and Australian Bank.[1] More information on the site from 1870:

...In Lydiard street where the Colonial Bank now stands, there was a building known in Stockade days, as the Arcade. It subsequently became the Golden Fleece Hotel...[2]


The hotel was built in 1854 which makes it among the earliest hotels in Ballarat.[1] The hotel was built by William Surplice.[1] Withers recorded in 1888 that Surplice was a surveyor. The publican, Worth was:

"...a teller in the Bank of New South Wales, who threw up the concern in disgust because of some alleged immoralities on the part of two occupants of the house. Redman, less fastidious or more hopeful, stepped into the breach, and he is eloquent to this day upon the dodges and difficulties that surrounded the license question as it concerned the fortunes of the Fleece at that time."[3]


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