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When gold was discovered in the colony, a Goldfields Commission following the administrative model set up in New South Wales was established in Victoria and a commissioner appointed to each field. These officials administered their respective fields with the aid of a number of assistant commissioners, a detachment of troops, and the local police. They performed magisterial duties, had the authority to settle disputes over claims, and the responsibility for maintaining law and order in their district; however, their primary obligation was to supervise the collection, storage and transportation of gold, and to manage the gold licence system – issuing licences and exacting fees and fines.[1]

Chief Commissioner of the Goldfields

William Henry Wright <1853>

Resident Gold Commissioners

Francis C. Doveton, Ballarat Gold Commissioner 1851>

John Green, Ballarat Commissioner (Gold Office)<1854>[2]

James Clow <1853-1854

Robert Rede 1854>

Assistant Commissioners

Ass.Commissioner Johnstone <1854>

Gilbert Amos <1854>

Police Commissioners

Macmahon <1854>


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