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For other hotels with the same or similar names, see Halfway House Hotel.

The Half-way House Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1867-1892>.



The hotel was listed for closing by the Ballarat West Licensing Court in March 1892.[1]

From the 1892 hearing:

Half-way House, Skipton street. John Fancy, licensee; John Harrison, owner. Mr Morrow appeared for the owner and the licensee. John Harrison said that the house had been licensed for 25 years. It was in a most populous locality, and was frequented by miners and others. John Fancy, the licensee, said he did a very large bar and jug trade. There were four regular boarders, and there was not accommodation for more. He supplied 11 meals a day. Four witnesses spoke of the convenience the house was in the locality, and the necessity for its retention. Cr Cooke thought the house was a convenience to passers by.[1]


The hotel was in Skipton Street.[1]


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