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Henry Rankin Shaw was born at Nerrina on 10 November 1863. He had a first Class Certificate Competency as an Engine Driver.



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Inquiry Into the accident at Corbett's mine, Bolwarrah, on October 12, when Thomas Henry Arthur Stevens, engineer, lost his life, was made on Friday before Mr. E. E. O'Grady, P.M., and a Jury of six. Henry R. Shaw, engine-driver, employed at the mine, said that with Stevens he was In the engine-room receiving instructions before a trial run of the new machinery installed by Mr. David Ronald son, of Ronaldson and Tippett, engineers. Mr. Ronaldson took the cover off the gearbox to show how it worked. The machinery was then running. Stevens leaned across and was loosening a bolt on the top of the gearbox cover when the accident occurred. Ronaldson was struck on the head by Stevens's boot. Mr. Kennedy, who was assisting Mr. Ronaldson, stopped the machinery. The lower part of the front of Stevens's coat was wound around the bearings. The shafting there was not covered. He could not say if the erection of the plant had been completed. A handrail was added afterward. Stevens was a competent engine-driver and exceptionally experienced. The jury returned a verdict of accidental death.[1]


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