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Researchers should be wary of historic street locations as the streets of Ballarat and surrounds have been renumbered over the years.



White Flat

Hickman Street is bisected by Sebastapol Street. As one enters the northern portion of the street, where the review site is located, it presents as a low-profile residential neighbourhood that is characterised by single-storey houses. There is an apparent consistency of scale, and while setbacks from side boundaries are prevalent, front setbacks are variable. The prevailing character is one of double-fronted detached dwellings within a garden setting. Properties have large rear yards, adding to the overall sense of spaciousness, and mature canopy trees are evident throughout the area. In the vicinity of the review site, the character is strongly influenced by the extensive public open space area associated with White Flat Oval. The mature oak trees that are located at the perimeter of this area provide a dominant tree canopy in this section of the street.[1]

Businesses and people in Hickman Street

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White Flat Oval

White Flat Rubbish Tip

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