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<ol start="415">
<ol start="415">
Racecourse Hotel (Black Swamp Road)
[[Racecourse Hotel (Black Swamp Road)]]
Railway Hotel (Lydiard Street)
[[Railway Hotel (Lydiard Street)]]
Railway Hotel (Soldiers Hill)
[[Railway Hotel (Soldiers Hill)]]
Railway Hotel (Wills Street)
[[Railway Hotel (Wills Street)]]
Railway Station Refreshment Room
[[Railway Station Refreshment Room]]
Railway Terminus Hotel
[[Railway Terminus Hotel]]
Rainbow Hotel
[[Rainbow Hotel]]
Rainbow Hotel (Sturt Street)
[[Rainbow Hotel (Sturt Street)]]
Red Bull Hotel
[[Red Bull Hotel]]
Red Hill Hotel
[[Red Hill Hotel]]
Red Lion Hotel (Drummond Street)
[[Red Lion Hotel (Drummond Street)]]
Red Lion Hotel (Main Road)
[[Red Lion Hotel (Main Road)]]
Redan Club Hotel
[[Redan Club Hotel]]
Redan Hotel
[[Redan Hotel]]
Reform Club Hotel
[[Reform Club Hotel]]
Regatta Club Hotel
[[Regatta Club Hotel]]
Regatta Hotel
[[Regatta Hotel]]
Retreat Hotel
[[Retreat Hotel]]
Rising Sun Hotel
[[Rising Sun Hotel]]
Robert Burns Hotel (Humffray Street)
[[Robert Burns Hotel (Humffray Street)]]
Robin Hood Hotel
[[Robin Hood Hotel]]
Robin Hood Hotel (South Street)
[[Robin Hood Hotel (South Street)]]
Rock of Cashel Hotel
[[Rock of Cashel Hotel]]
Rose and Crown Hotel
[[Rose and Crown Hotel]]
Rose Hill Hotel
[[Rose Hill Hotel]]
Roseilla Hotel
[[Roseilla Hotel]]
Royal Don Hotel
[[Royal Don Hotel]]
Royal Exchange (Mair Street)
[[Royal Exchange (Mair Street)]]
Royal Exchange Hotel (Bridge Street)
[[Royal Exchange Hotel (Bridge Street)]]
Royal Exchange Hotel (Lydiard Street)
[[Royal Exchange Hotel (Lydiard Street)]]
Royal George Hotel
[[Royal George Hotel]]
Royal Highlander Hotel
[[Royal Highlander Hotel]]
Royal Hotel (Bridge Street)
[[Royal Hotel (Bridge Street)]]
Royal Mail Hotel (Albert Street)
[[Royal Mail Hotel (Albert Street)]]
Royal Mail Hotel (Main Street)
[[Royal Mail Hotel (Main Street)]]
Royal Navy Hotel
[[Royal Navy Hotel]]
Royal Oak Hotel (Mair Street)
[[Royal Oak Hotel (Mair Street)]]
Royal Oak Hotel (Peel Street)
[[Royal Oak Hotel (Peel Street)]]
Royal Oak Hotel (South Street)
[[Royal Oak Hotel (South Street)]]
Royal Saxon Hotel
[[Royal Saxon Hotel]]
Royal Standard Hotel
[[Royal Standard Hotel]]
Royal Standard Hotel (Main Road)
[[Royal Standard Hotel (Main Road)]]
Russell Square Hotel
[[Russell Square Hotel]]

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A list of Ballarat's hotels, in alphabetical order.



  1. Adelphi Hotel
  2. Adelphi Hotel (Sturt Street)
  3. Alabama Hotel
  4. Albert Hotel
  5. Albion Consols Hotel
  6. Albion Hotel (Clayton Street)
  7. Albion Hotel (Cobbler's Lead)
  8. Albion Hotel (Creswick Road)
  9. Albion Hotel (Eureka Street)
  10. Albion Hotel (Gong Gong)
  11. Albion Hotel (Sturt Street)
  12. Albion Hotel (Victoria Street)
  13. Albion Imperial Hotel
  14. Alexandra Hotel (Sturt Street)
  15. Alfred Hotel (Alfredton)
  16. Alfred Hotel (Grenville Street)
  17. Alfred Hotel (Raglan Road)
  18. Alfred Hotel (Sturt Street)
  19. Alfred the Great Hotel
  20. Alfredton Hotel
  21. All Nations Hotel (Armstrong Street)
  22. All Nations Hotel (Bridge Street)
  23. All Nations Hotel (Caledonian Lead)
  24. All Nations Hotel (Doveton Street)
  25. All Nations Hotel (Main Road)
  26. All Nations Hotel (Sailors Gully)
  27. All Nations Hotel (Sebastopol)
  28. All Nations Hotel (Sturt Street)
  29. American Club Hotel
  30. American Hotel (Chisholm Street)
  31. American Hotel (Magpie)
  32. American Hotel (Main Road)
  33. American Hotel (Skipton Street)
  34. Ancient Britain Hotel (Main Road)
  35. Ancient Briton Hotel (Bridge Street)
  36. Ancient Briton Hotel (unknown)
  37. Ancient Druid Hotel
  38. Anderson's Hotel
  39. Angel Hotel (Bridge Street)
  40. Angel Hotel (Victoria Street)
  41. Antwerp Hotel
  42. Arcade Hotel
  43. Argyle Hotel (Alfredton)
  44. Argyle Hotel (Doveton Street)
  45. Arrah-na-Pogue Hotel
  46. Athletic Club Hotel
  47. Atlantic Hotel
  48. Australia Felix Hotel
  49. Australia Felix Hotel (Eureka Street)
  50. Australian Arms Hotel
  51. Australian Hotel


  1. Bakers' Arms
  2. Bakery Hill Hotel (east)
  3. Bakery Hill Hotel (west)
  4. Ballaguy Hotel
  5. Ballarat Club Hotel
  6. Ballarat Family Hotel
  7. Ballarat Hotel
  8. Ballarat Hotel (Bridge Street)
  9. Ballarat Leagues Club
  10. Baltic Hotel
  11. Band of Hope Hotel
  12. Barley Sheaf Hotel (Barkly Street)
  13. Baron Wolseley Hotel
  14. Beacham's Hotel
  15. Beaufort Hotel (Eyre Street)
  16. Beehive Hotel
  17. Belfast Hotel (Main Road)
  18. Belfast Hotel (Wendouree)
  19. Belle Vue Hotel (Peel Street)
  20. Belle Vue Hotel (Sturt Street)
  21. Bellevue Hotel (Ballarat)
  22. Bignell's Hotel
  23. Bird-in-Hand Hotel
  24. Black Ball Hotel
  25. Black Bull Hotel
  26. Black Hill Hotel (Peel St)
  27. Black Horse Inn
  28. Blue Bell Hotel
  29. Blue Jacket Hotel
  30. Bluebell Hotel
  31. Boomerang Hotel
  32. Borough Boundary Hotel
  33. Bourdett's Hotel
  34. Bowling Green Hotel
  35. Brewers' Arms
  36. Brewery Hotel
  37. Bricklayers' Arms
  38. Bridge Hotel (Bridge Street)
  39. Bridge Hotel (Victoria Street)
  40. Bristol Hotel
  41. Britannia Hotel
  42. Britannia Hotel (Sebastopol)
  43. British Hotel (Ballarat)
  44. British North America Hotel
  45. British Queen Hotel
  46. Brophy's Hotel
  47. Brown Hill Hotel
  48. Brun's Hotel
  49. Brunswick Hotel
  50. Buck's Head Hotel (Grenville Street)
  51. Bull and Mouth Hotel (Doveton Street)
  52. Bull Inn Hotel
  53. Bunch of Grapes Hotel
  54. Buninyong Shire Hall Hotel
  55. Buninyongshire Hotel
  56. Burke and Wills Hotel
  57. Burnbank Hotel
  58. Burra Burra Hotel
  59. Bush Inn (Main Road)
  60. Bush Inn (Mount Clear)
  61. Butchers' Arms (Market Street)
  62. Butchers' Arms (Mopoke Gully)
  63. Butchers' Arms (Plank Road)
  64. Bute Hotel
  65. Byron Hotel


  1. Caledonia Hotel
  2. Caledonian Hotel (Ascot Street)
  3. Cam Hotel
  4. Cameron's Hotel
  5. Camp Hotel (Sturt Street)
  6. Canadian Hotel
  7. Canberra Hotel
  8. Carbine Hotel
  9. Cardiff Arms Hotel
  10. Cardiff Hotel
  11. Carlyons Hotel
  12. Carriers' Arms (Skipton Street)
  13. Carriers' Arms (Soldiers' Hill)
  14. Carriers' Hotel
  15. Carters' Arms Hotel
  16. Castle and Bowl Hotel
  17. Cattle Yard Inn
  18. Cattle Yards Hotel
  19. Centenary Hotel
  20. Centennial Hotel
  21. Central Hotel
  22. Challenger Hotel
  23. Charlie Napier Hotel
  24. City Hall Hotel
  25. City Hotel
  26. City of Cork Hotel
  27. City of Hamburg Hotel
  28. City of London Hotel
  29. City of York Hotel
  30. City Oval Hotel
  31. Clare Hotel
  32. Clarence Hotel
  33. Clarendon Hotel
  34. Clarke's Hotel
  35. Club Hotel, Ballarat
  36. Clyde Hotel
  37. Cohen's Grand Hotel
  38. Commercial Hotel (Armstrong Street)
  39. Commercial Hotel (Sebastopol)
  40. Commercial Hotel (Sturt Street)
  41. Conn's Hotel
  42. Consols Hotel
  43. Coomara Hotel
  44. Coomora Hotel
  45. Corn Exchange Hotel
  46. Corner Hotel
  47. Cornish Arms
  48. Cornubian Hotel
  49. Cornwall Arms
  50. Cosmopolitan Hotel (Eyre Street)
  51. Cosmopolitan Hotel (Lydiard Street)
  52. Countess Hotel
  53. Court Hotel
  54. Craig's Royal Hotel
  55. Cremorne Hotel
  56. Criterion Hotel (Bridge Street)
  57. Criterion Hotel (Doveton Street)
  58. Cross Keys Hotel
  59. Crown and Sceptre Hotel
  60. Crown Hotel (Creswick Road)
  61. Crown Hotel (Main Street)
  62. Cumberland and Durham Hotel
  63. Cumberland Hotel (Bridge Street)

D, E, F

  1. Devon and Cornwall Hotel
  2. Dewdrop Hotel
  3. Diggers' Arms
  4. Dowling Forest Hotel
  5. Druids' Arms
  6. Dublin Castle Hotel
  7. Duchess of Kent Hotel
  8. Dudley Castle Hotel
  9. Duke of Cornwall Hotel
  10. Duke of Richmond Hotel
  11. Duke of Wellington Hotel
  12. Duke of Wellington Hotel (Peel Street)
  13. Duke of York Hotel
  14. Dunmow Flitch and Bacon Hotel
  15. Dutch Harry Hotel
  16. Eagle Hotel (Armstrong Street)
  17. Eagle Hotel (Main Road)
  18. Earl of Zetland Hotel
  19. Eastern Hotel
  20. Eastern Railway Hotel
  21. Eastern Railway Station Hotel
  22. Eastern Station Hotel
  23. Edinburgh Castle Hotel
  24. Eglinton Hotel
  25. Elephant and Castle Hotel
  26. Emu Hotel
  27. Enterprise Hotel (Chisholm Street)
  28. Essex Hotel
  29. Essex Hotel (Learmonth Road)
  30. Eureka Stockade Hotel
  31. Evans' Hotel
  32. Excelsior Hotel
  33. Exchange Hotel (Bridge Street)
  34. Exchange Hotel (Sebastopol)
  35. Extended Hotel
  36. Family Hotel
  37. Farmers' Hotel (Ballarat)
  38. Fawn Hotel
  39. Federal Hotel (Lydiard Street)
  40. Fellmongers' Arms
  41. Fern's Hotel
  42. Fire Brigade Hotel
  43. Fire Brigade Hotel (Sturt Street)
  44. Foundry Hotel (Armstrong Street)
  45. Foundry Hotel (Drummond Street)
  46. Foundry Hotel (Yuille Street)
  47. Fountain Head Hotel
  48. Free Trade Hotel
  49. Freemasons Hotel

G, H

  1. Galway Club Hotel
  2. Garrick's Head Hotel
  3. Garryowen Hotel
  4. Geelong Hotel
  5. Gem Hotel
  6. George Hotel
  7. Gin Palace
  8. Globe Hotel (Brougham Street)
  9. Globe Hotel (Lydiard Street)
  10. Globe Hotel (Melbourne Road)
  11. Globe Hotel (Redan)
  12. Golden Age Hotel
  13. Golden City Hotel
  14. Golden Fleece Hotel (Barkly Street)
  15. Golden Fleece Hotel (Lydiard Street)
  16. Golden Fleece Hotel (Melbourne Road)
  17. Golden Gate Hotel
  18. Golden Lion Hotel
  19. Golden Point Football Club Hotel
  20. Golden Point Hotel
  21. Golf House Hotel
  22. Grand Hotel
  23. Grand Junction Hotel
  24. Grand National Hotel
  25. Grand Stand Hotel (Cobden Street)
  26. Grapes Hotel
  27. Great Britain Hotel
  28. Green Harp Hotel
  29. Greenock Hotel
  30. Grenville Hotel
  31. Greyhound Hotel (Main Road)
  32. Greyhound Hotel (Mair Street)
  33. Guiding Star Hotel
  34. Half Moon Hotel
  35. Half Way House (Creswick Road)
  36. Half-way House Hotel (Skipton Street)
  37. Halfway House (Plank Road)
  38. Halfway House Hotel (Mount Clear)
  39. Hampton Court Hotel
  40. Hand of Friendship Hotel
  41. Harvest Home Hotel
  42. Havilah Hotel
  43. Haymarket Hotel
  44. Hermit's Cave Hotel
  45. Hibernian Hotel
  46. Hickey's Hotel
  47. Hit or Miss Hotel (Neill Street)
  48. Hit or Miss Hotel (Specimen Hill)
  49. Hope and Anchor Hotel
  50. Horse and Jockey Hotel
  51. Horse Bazaar Hotel
  52. Horse Bazaar Hotel (Armstrong Street)

I, J, K, L

  1. Imperial Hotel (Armstrong Street)
  2. Imperial Hotel (Humffray Street)
  3. Inkerman and Durham Hotel
  4. Inverness Hotel
  5. Irvine's Hotel
  6. Isbell's Family Hotel
  7. Jackson's Hotel
  8. Jackson's Hotel (Victoria Street)
  9. Jamieson's Hotel
  10. John o'Groat Hotel
  11. Judd's Hotel
  12. Junction Hotel (Melbourne Road)
  13. Junction Hotel (Sturt Street)
  14. Kent Hotel, Ballarat
  15. Kerry Hotel
  16. Kew Hotel
  17. Kilkenny and Dublin Hotel
  18. King's Head Hotel
  19. Koh-i-Noor Hotel
  20. Kohl's Family Hotel
  21. Lady of the Lake Hotel (Armstrong Street)
  22. Lake View Hotel (Ballarat)
  23. Lancashire Hotel
  24. Larkin's Hotel
  25. Leslie's Brigade Hotel
  26. Lester's Hotel
  27. Leyshon's Hotel
  28. Limerick and Clare Castle Hotel
  29. Limerick and Kilaloe Hotel
  30. Limerick and Templemore Hotel
  31. Limerick Castle Hotel
  32. Limerick Hotel (Main Street)
  33. Liverpool Arms
  34. Liverpool Arms Hotel
  35. Liverpool Hotel
  36. London Shades Hotel
  37. London Tavern
  38. London Tavern (Armstrong Street)
  39. Londonderry Hotel
  40. Lord Nelson Hotel
  41. Loughmore Castle Hotel
  42. Lusitania Hotel

M, N, O

  1. Mack's Hotel
  2. Mallow Hotel
  3. Market Hotel
  4. Market Hotel, Ballarat
  5. Market Square Hotel
  6. Masons' Arms Hotel
  7. McLaren's Hotel
  8. Meagher's Hotel
  9. Menhennet's Hotel
  10. Metropolitan Hotel
  11. Military Arms Hotel
  12. Miller's Arms
  13. Miner's Support
  14. Miners' Arms Hotel (Ascot Street)
  15. Miners' Arms Hotel (Bridge Street)
  16. Miners' Arms Hotel (Melbourne Road)
  17. Miners' Support Hotel
  18. Monte Christo Hotel
  19. Montezuma Hotel
  20. Moorabool Hotel
  21. Morgan Lees' Hotel
  22. Mount Pleasant Hotel
  23. Mount Rowan Hotel
  24. Mount's Bay Hotel
  25. Munster Arms (Humffray Street)
  26. Myrtle Hotel
  27. Nag's Head Hotel (Armstrong Street)
  28. Nag's Head Hotel (Wendouree)
  29. National Hotel (Albert Street)
  30. National Hotel (Armstrong Street)
  31. National Hotel (Ballarat East)
  32. National Hotel (Bridge Street)
  33. National Hotel (Sturt Street)
  34. Native Youth Hotel
  35. New Eglinton Hotel
  36. New Globe Hotel
  37. New Grove Hotel
  38. New Scotch Hotel
  39. Newington Hotel
  40. Newton's Hotel
  41. Nightingale Hotel
  42. Noonan's Hotel
  43. North Britain Hotel
  44. North Grant Hotel
  45. North Grenville Hotel
  46. North Star Hotel
  47. North Star Hotel (Lydiard Street)
  48. North Western Hotel
  49. North's Hotel
  50. Northumberland Hotel
  51. O'Connor's Hotel, Drummond Street
  52. Old Eglinton Hotel
  53. Old Kayser Hotel
  54. Olive Branch Hotel

P, Q

  1. Pacific Hotel
  2. Palace Hotel
  3. Parade Hotel
  4. Park Hotel
  5. Pavilion Hotel
  6. Pennyweight Hotel
  7. Perseverance Hotel
  8. Peter Lalor Hotel
  9. Phoenix Hotel (Barkly Street)
  10. Phoenix Hotel (Doveton Street)
  11. Phoenix Park Hotel
  12. Pick and Shovel Hotel
  13. Pioneer Hotel
  14. Plank Road Hotel
  15. Plough and Harrow Hotel
  16. Plough Inn
  17. Ploughmans' Arms Hotel
  18. Port Phillip Hotel
  19. Post Office Hotel
  20. Prince Albert Hotel
  21. Prince Albert Hotel, Sturt Street
  22. Prince Alfred Hotel (Grenville Street)
  23. Prince Alfred Hotel (Sebastopol)
  24. Prince Alfred Hotel (Sturt Street)
  25. Prince Charlie Hotel
  26. Prince Imperial Hotel
  27. Prince of Wales (Grenville St)
  28. Prince of Wales Hotel (Ballarat)
  29. Prince of Wales Hotel (Cobblers)
  30. Prince of Wales Hotel (Eyre Street)
  31. Prince of Wales Hotel (Humffray Street)
  32. Prince Regent Hotel
  33. Princess Alexandra Hotel
  34. Princess Royal Hotel
  35. Prospectors' Hotel
  36. Provincial Hotel
  37. Queen's Arms Hotel
  38. Queen's Head Hotel


    Racecourse Hotel (Black Swamp Road) Railway Hotel (Lydiard Street) Railway Hotel (Soldiers Hill) Railway Hotel (Wills Street) Railway Station Refreshment Room Railway Terminus Hotel Rainbow Hotel Rainbow Hotel (Sturt Street) Red Bull Hotel Red Hill Hotel Red Lion Hotel (Drummond Street) Red Lion Hotel (Main Road) Redan Club Hotel Redan Hotel Reform Club Hotel Regatta Club Hotel Regatta Hotel Retreat Hotel Rising Sun Hotel Robert Burns Hotel (Humffray Street) Robin Hood Hotel Robin Hood Hotel (South Street) Rock of Cashel Hotel Rose and Crown Hotel Rose Hill Hotel Roseilla Hotel Royal Don Hotel Royal Exchange (Mair Street) Royal Exchange Hotel (Bridge Street) Royal Exchange Hotel (Lydiard Street) Royal George Hotel Royal Highlander Hotel Royal Hotel (Bridge Street) Royal Mail Hotel (Albert Street) Royal Mail Hotel (Main Street) Royal Navy Hotel Royal Oak Hotel (Mair Street) Royal Oak Hotel (Peel Street) Royal Oak Hotel (South Street) Royal Saxon Hotel Royal Standard Hotel Royal Standard Hotel (Main Road) Russell Square Hotel






X, Y, Z

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