Imperial Hotel (Armstrong Street)

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For other Imperial Hotels, see Imperial Hotel

The Imperial Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1886-1892.



The hotel was first known as:


The Imperial Hotel closed as one of the 26 hotels closed in 1892 in Ballarat as part of the changes to licensing laws.[1][2] The owners were paid £680 compensation for the closure of the business.[1]


The Imperial Hotel was in Armstrong Street.[3][2] The hotel was on the west side of Armstrong Street, between Sturt Street and Mair Street. Hargreaves identified the address as 35 Armstrong Street North. [1] This is now the premises of Cycle City.



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  • Considerable excitement was caused throughout Ballarat on Thursday morning by a report that Mr. John O'Connor, the proprietor of the Imperial Hotel, Armstrong street, had been murdered by a couple of touters named Natte Watt and Walter Cox."[3]


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