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(Possibly Jupp's)Judds Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria.





Hargreaves described the location in 1943 as on the north side of Sturt Street, between Doveton Street and Dawson Street, address 408 Sturt Street.[1]

Hotels on the site were Jamieson's Hotel, Thompson's Hotel, Judd's Hotel, Central Hotel, and finally the Alexandra Hotel.[1]


  • Address: 408 Sturt Street
  • Google maps: 37.561378S, 143.854222E [1]
  • MGA: 752106, 5839020 (54)

As of 2014 this is a retail clothing shop trading as Blue Illusions.


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At the City Police Court yesterday, before Messrs Thomson, P.M., Claxton, Fitzgerald, and Taylor, J’s.P., Thomas Shillington appeared on remand, charged with embezzling various sums of money.

A person named Jupps was also indebted to Mr Rowlands on 14th October in the sum of £9 8s 1d, for which amount he (witness) could produce a receipt signed by the defendant. Thomas Edward Jupp, licensee of Jupp’s hotel, gave evidence to the effect that he had paid Shillington the sum of £9 8s Id, less discount, and had got his receipt for the same.[4]


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