Lal Lal Iron Mining Co.

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Lal Lal iron was used by many Ballarat foundries, including the Phoenix Foundry. It was used for many purposes from the shoes of stamping batteries to the decorative cast iron used for house decoration. The ornamental railings around St Patrick's Cathedral (Ballarat) were made from Lal Lal iron.


Iron ore mining began in the Lal Lal district in 1857. The Lal Lal Iron Mining Company was formed in 1873. The plant including the Lal Lal Blast Furnace was opened in 1878 but a new and larger blast furnace was built two years later. The mine reached its peak in 1884 when 1,600 tons of ore was smelted and 800 tons of pig iron produced. Within a few years production rapidly declined.



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