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Mack's Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat East, Victoria, <1863-1943>, also known as Mack's Family Hotel.




On 29 June 1888, the Licensing Court determined that this hotel and another 42 should be de-licensed.[1] This process was legally challenged by Richard Woofe of the Robert Burns Hotel.[2] A new local options poll was held, and Mack's Hotel was not closed, and was still open in 1943.[1]

The hotel was demolished around 1971.


Mack's Hotel was in Melbourne Road[3], which was later renamed Victoria Street.[1]


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It is not generally known that one of the show hotels of Ballarat is Mr M'Mananiny's modest looking property in Victoria street, just a few doors east of Humffray street. The place has been completely re-modelled since the pre-sent propritor took charge, and a won-derful transformation has been effected.

Money has not been spared to make everything as choice and comfortable as possible, and the rooms are models of high class artistic working, and good taste and the appointments are most complete to match. Beautiful violet and pale blue leadlight windows have been installed throughout by Melbourne's leading manufacturer in this line, and

the two large windows in the bar would beautify, any edifice. The paneling, skirtings, and mantels are choicely papered with quaint friezes, while the ceilings are of stained metal. In the pasage is a high border of repousee work, in an aesthetic shade of brown, while the stair pillars are covered with handsome designs in beaten copper. Similar ham-

mered copper designs ornament the chimney pieces, augmented in some cases with pretty house tiles. The dining-room boasts of a massive oak sideboard and mantelpiece to match, the cane chairs in the sittingroom are very com-fortable, and the parlor and bar in fact

the whole building speaks of restfulness and comfort. About the bar and pub-lic rooms pot plants in handsome brass jardinieres, contribute to the general aesthetic appearance. Only the best brands of liquors are stocked and the many friends who drop in for a quiet drink and chat receive a warm welcome and a glass of 'the best. from the unas-suming host. The billiard room is in keeping with the rest of the house, is

large and roomy excellently lighted with electricity and well fitted up. There are two well kept tables upon, which it is a pleasure to play and the "cush" will take all the side imparted by the cueist to the ball. Off the passage is a cool fernery furnished with lounge

chairs and lawns, nicely painted cyclone, fences, make the back garden and yard quite a picture. Taken all around "Mack's" hotel is readily an ideal home in the city, and yet away from it. The general appointments are perfect, and visitors will find their highest desire ful-filled both in cleanliness, quietness, and comfort at "Mack's," a property that has been in the one family for over 60 years.[10]


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