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The Military Arms Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1917-1941>.





The Military Arms Hotel was in Peel Street, Ballarat.[1]


In 1917 the hotel was issued with a special permit to serve alcohol with meals between 6.00pm and 7.30pm.[2]

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In November 1929 the publican was in court:

Irene Raybould, licensee of the Military Arms Hotel, was lined £5 for having had the bar open on a Sunday, and £2 for persons having been on the premises on the same day.[3]</ref>

In December 1941 the publican was in court:

"George Henley (Military Arms Hotel Peel st) was fined £3 for allowing persons on the premises during prohibited hours."[1]
  • The new regulations in the Licensing Act Permitting licensees and lodgers of hotels to entertain guests after normal hours in rooms specifically set aside for the purpose were tested in two cases heard in the Ballarat Court today.

In the other case legal argument ensued as to whether the husband of the licensee of the Military Arms Hotel, Mrs. Doris Myra Bryant, was a lodger or not. Mrs. Bryant was charged with disposal of liquor on July 22, and with having persons unlawfully on the premises, and her husband, Charles William Joseph Bryant, wholesale fruiterer, with unlawfully supplying liquor. Mr. Duggan said he considered Bryant to be both an inmate and a lodger and dismissed the charges.[5]


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