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The Nightingale Hotel was in Ballarat, Victoria. By 1863 it had been renamed to The Kilkenny and Dublin Hotel.





The Nightingale Hotel was in Skipton Street, Ballarat. It was offered for sale in 1863 as the Kilkenny and Dublin, and described as:
"...that old, established Hotel, formerly the Nightingale, now THE KILKENNY AND DUBLIN, containing 14 rooms, doing an excellent business, situated in Skipton street, which is the principal thoroughfare from Ballarat to Sebastopol, Smythes, &c. There is a Butcher's shop adjoining, which goes with the hotel. After which two well finished four roomed Brick Cottages adjoining the above property in Armstrong Street [1]


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  1. "Advertising, Kilkenny and Dublin," The Star, Saturday 9 May 1863, pg. 3,, (accessed January 17, 2014)

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