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Old Ballarat Pottery was set up by John Gilbert as part of Old Ballarat Village, opposite Sovereign Hill. Earlier he had set up the Edinburgh Pottery at Sovereign Hill.

John Gilbert's career peaked in during the 60s and 70s exhibiting nationally and internationally. He was responsible for one of the largest production potteries in Australia at the time with the formation of the Old Ballarat Pottery where large numbers of potters were trained during its operational period. At its peak this pottery employed over forty throwers and an almost equal number of glazers, kiln loaders and general pottery hands. The bulk of production was typified by a dark black-brown glaze and was sold as “Faber ware” through a party plan system.


In 1988 this company was listed in the Ballarat Business Directory, 1988 at 613 Main Road, Ballarat East.[1]


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  1. Ballarat Business Directory, 1988, Ballarat and Western Victoria Regional Information Board, 1988.

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