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The Old Kayser Hotel (Old Kaiser Hotel) was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1857>.




The hotel was in Main Road.[1]


Community Involvement

The People

In July 1858 license was granted to Frederick Edmund Kayser,[2]


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A meeting of the Germans on Ballarat, was held last evening at the Old Kayser's Hotel, Main Road, for the purpose of petitioning Parliament to grant foreigners the same privilege after naturalisation, as possessed by British born subjects. Mr Charles Wisenhavern being called to the chair, briefly opened the proceedings by stating the purpose of the meeting. Mr C. P. Fassert, alluding to a speech delivered in the Legislative Assembly by Dr. Evans, (on the second clause of the Electoral Amendment Bill), on the subject of naturalized foreigners being entitled to the same privileges as British subjects, and stated that there were 20,000 Germans in this colony, who, not only observed the same laws and restrictions as British subjects, but were very frequently called upon to act as jurymen at inquests and criminal sittings; they had taxes, duties, &c, and consequently ought to be entitled to the same priviliges. Mr Fassert moved, and Mr A. Pohl seconded— "That a petition be sent by all Germans to the Houses of Parliament, praying for those priviliges."—Carried. Mr Emil Pohl moved, and Mr Hoevermann seconded— " That a committee be formed for the purpose of framing the petitions and to act in favor of the movement."—Carried. Mr F. Courtain moved, and Mr C. Berghaff seconded " That the Committee should at once enter into correspondence with the German Residents in Melbourne, &c., and the gold fields, for the purpose of joining the movement."—Carried. Mr Adolph Pohl moved, and C. P. Fassert seconded "That all other European Nations and Americans be called upon to petition for the same oject."—Carried. The following committee was formed to carry out the movement, viz.:—Messrs. Emil Pohl, Max. Hoevermann, C. Ph. Fassert, and Charles Wiesenhavern. A vote of thanks to the Chairman concluded the proceedings of the evening.[3]


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