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The Propectors' Hotel was at Dead Horse, near Ballarat, Victoria, <1858-1868>




The Prospectors' Hotel was at Dead Horse, three miles from Ballarat. It was put up for auction in 1863 and was described as:

"...well established, and commanding a good trade. The receipts average £55 per week in summer, and £35 per week in winter. The hotel is tastefully erected, and well fitted up; the rooms are large and convenient; the outbuildings and yards are unusually commodious. The gardens are in a high state of cultivation. In short, this hotel, which is in thorough repair, is fully appreciated by a majority of the Ballarat population who weekly resort to this delightful locality."[1]

On the 1861 mining map it is due north of Little Bendigo.[2]

GPS location: -37.526476, 143.887840 Map: Google map


The hotel had extensive gardens:

"The garden returns £50 annum. There is a permanent supply of water on the premises, which is ingeniously filtered into an immense tank."[1]

Community Involvement

In December 1858 a number of Christmas sports were organised at the hotel:

PROSPECTORS' HOTEL, DEAD HORSE LEAD. Mr A. A. Fleischauer, the proprietor of this hotel has determined not to be behind-hand with his brother publicans, and offers good prizes to the winners in goose and turkey shooting matches, foot races, catching greasy-tailed pig, running in sacks, &c, &c, and his enterprise will doubtless be duly rewarded with the patronage of the public.[3]

In August 1868 the hotel was a venue for a public meeting for candidates for the Bungaree Roads Board.[4]

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