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http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article207488440 In Jul 1896 Miller was vice-president of the Ballarat Photographic Society 1896-97 together with Fred Foster.[1] On the 17 Sep 1896 at The annual exhibition of the Ballarat Amateur Photographic Club at the Ballarat School of Mines, Miller won first and second prize in the Special Classes category for Lantern Slides. A feature of the exhibits was the collection of X ray radiographs taken at the School of Mines, and a device named “the praxinoscope”. The Rontgen process, and lantern slides were also exhibited.[2]. Miller was the president of the The Ballarat Photographic Club at the Ballarat School of Mines in 1897-98. [3]



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Not sure if same person as Robert Miller


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