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[[Band and Albion]]
[[Band and Albion]]
[[Morning Star Co.]]
[[Sir Henry Loch Co.]]
[[Sir Henry Loch Co.]]

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Redan is one of Ballarat's oldest suburbs with a history dating back to the 1850s gold rush. Redan is named after an event during the Crimean War. The battle of Redan was one of the major conflicts in the 11 month siege between Britain and France in 1854 and 1855. [1]

Redan is bounded by Winter Street East, Pleasant Street East, Sebastopol Street and Hill Street in the south and the Yarrowee River in the east Rubicon Street in the south and Sutton Street in the west.[2]

In 1871 miners from the Band of Hope Gold Mine made up the first Redan Football Club.[3]

In 2011 Redan was home to 2978 people. [4]

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Gold Mines and Mining Companies

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Gold Mining Companies

Band and Albion

Morning Star Co.

Sir Henry Loch Co.


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