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The Rock of Cashel Hotel was in Ballarat, Victoria, <1857-1862>.





The Rock of Cashel Hotel was in Main Road, Ballarat.[1] It was described as being near Bakery Hill and backing on to the Gum Tree Flat in 1857.[2]


In 1858, the publican was fined 10s for having an unlicensed bagatelle table.[3] This makes his comments more interesting in 1862 when he was again charged with the same offense.

Mr Graber of the Rock of Cashel Hotel addressing, the Bench said the police had threatened to summon him for not having a license for a bagatelle table. He did not think it necessary and wished for the opinion of the Bench? Mr Clissold said it was necessary that he should have a license. Mr Graber -Then I'll take one out; license granted.[4]

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From 1858-1862 the publican was John Graber.[3][1]


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