Sir Henry Barkly Hotel (Humffray Street)

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There was also a Sir Henry Barkly Hotel in Main Road.

The Sir Henry Barkly Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat East, Victoria, <1863.



There were two Sir Henry Barkly Hotels in Ballarat, it is not yet known if there was any connection between the two.

The hotel later became the:


On 29 June 1888, the Licensing Court determined that the hotel and another 42 should be de-licensed.[1] This process was legally challenged by Richard Woofe of the Robert Burns Hotel.[2] The hotel on this site was closed in 1891.


The Sir Henry Barkly Hotel was on the east side of Humffray Street, four doors from the north east corner with Main Road.[1] It was offered for sale in 1864 and described as:

MONDAY, 26th SEPTEMBER. By Order of the Trustees in the Estate of Mr JOHN CUMMINS. THE SIR HENRY BARKLY HOTEL. Near to the corner of Humffray street and the Main Road. WELSH and SURPLICE are instructed to sell the above valuable property, centrally situated on allotment 5, section N, having a large frontage to Humffray street. The buildings, now let for £52 per annum, are commodious, and would command an excellent business as an hotel or otherwise. This sale will afford an excellent opportunity for investment. Sale on the premises at 12 o'clock. Terms at Sale.[3]

Hargreaves identified the site in 1943 as being being the ANA Hall.[1]


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