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The Sir John Franklin Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1870>-1892.




It was one of the 26 hotels closed in 1892 in Ballarat as part of the changes to licensing laws.[1] The owners were paid £1015 compensation for the closure of the business.[1]

From the delicensing hearing:

Sir John Franklin hotel, Grant street. —Owner, Mary Ann Millett; licensee, Mr Geo. Fletcher. Mr Morrow appeared for the owner, and Mr Pearson for the licensee. In this and the following cases Mr E. P. Wynne appeared for Inspector Hamilton. Mrs Millett said she had occupied the hotel for 22 years as licensee, before leaving it. There was a large foundry near the hotel, and another one being established. If the hotel, was closed it would cause great inconvenience. George Fletcher, the licensee, said his house was a long distance from any other. It supplied the working classes principally. He supplied about eight meals a day; and an average of four beds a week. Several witnesses stated that they considered the hotel necessary for the requirements of the locality, amongst them being Cr Cooke. Inspector Hamilton said he recommended the Emu hotel in preference to the Sir John Franklin hotel, because there was very little traffic or population in the neighborhood of the latter. The Emu hotel was nearly always full of lodgers, and did three times the trade of the other. The Sir John Franklin was perhaps the better building, but in his opinion it was not necessary.[2]


The hotel was in Grant Street.[2]


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