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Community Involvement

Works Produced

A. Susman and A. Kornblum made some of the furniture for the dining room. At Hymettus Cottage in Cardigan Street, Ballarat.

Workplace Relations

The People


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Alfred Kornblum

Hyman Levinson

Maurice Levinson

Emanuel Steinfeld


—Yours, &c., BRIDGE STREET.
SIR, —I trust the mayors of both City and Town will convene a meeting to consider, the most suitable means of recognising the esteem in which the above named gentlemen are held by their fellow-citizens. The people of Ballarat will, I feel sure, not allow these two respected and generous public spirited men to depart from their midst without giving them abundant proof that, men who give their time and money so lavishly to every, movement, social, political, and charitable, as they have ever done, do not go unappreciated. Hoping this matter will receive attention in the proper quarter.[1]

I am also sorry to have to record the probable early disappearance of one of the oldest business establishments from our midst, and with it two members of the congregation—the proprietors of the said business. I allude to the furniture establishment in Bridge-street conducted by Messrs. Susman, Kornblum and Co., successors to Messrs. Steinfeld, Levinson and Co. The late Hon. E. Steinfeld was the founder of the enterprise, and had achieved much success before extending the business to Melbourne and taking his brother-in-law, Mr. A. Levinson, into partnership. Messrs. Susman and Kornblum succeeded the old firm in Ballarat, when that firm dissolved and went out of business. But now it seems Messrs. Susman and Kornblum have also dissolved partnership and are selling off. Mr. Susman is about to establish himself in Brisbane, while Mr. Kornblum is to go into partnership with a brother of his in Melbourne. So, at any rate, the newspapers report, and I, while chronicling the authentic reports and deeply regretting the loss of two members of our congregation, wish them every success in their new spheres of action. I might add that Messrs. Susman and Kornblum are both sons-in-law of Mr. Levinson, of the old firm.[2]

Master Susman, son of Mr. A. Susman, and grandson of Mr. H. Levinson, St, Kilda, was Bar Mitzvah last Sabbath. The confirmant rendered his allotted portion of the Torah, as well as the creeds and commandments and prayer, in a manner reflecting the highest praise upon himself and his teacher, Mr. D. H. Harris. During the ceremony the Rev. I. M. Goldreich addressed the Bar Mitzvah, and pointed out the responsibilities incumbent upon him as a Jew now that he had attained his religious majority. There was a very good attendance at the synagogue.[3]

Bro. A. Susman was this evening installed W.M. of the Yarrowee Lodge of Freemasons.[4]

Mr. A. Susman, a very old member of the Ballarat community, is leaving to go into business in Melbourne. He has the good wishes of all Ballarat folks.[5]


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