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The Tariff Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1888>.



The hotel had several names over the years:


The hotel was in Humffray Street.[1]


The hotel was one of the hotels reviewed at the Licensing Court 1888 hearings. The court recommended the hotel be delicensed. The following description was given during the hearings:

Tariff hotel—John Hazell, licensee and owner. A two-storied wooden building, containing 16 rooms, lath and plastered; fairly well furnished and fairly well conducted, considering the rather low class frequenting it; chiefly a bar trade; about one bed let per week; adjoins St. Paul’s Church...A peculiar class of business was done at the Tariff hotel with swagsmen, travellers, &c. A hotel of a higher standard would not have them. Still it was a well conducted house...In reference to the Tariff hotel, the licensee and Mr D. Turpie stated that there should be an hotel to accomodate bushmen.[2]

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