The Swamp Hotel

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The Swamp Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1858>.





The Swamp Hotel was in Wendouree Parade. The location was described as:

That valuable allotment of land, adjoining the brick flour mill, having a frontage of 77 feet to the Wendouree Parade, by a depth of 390 feet, being portion of allotment 40, town ship of Ballarat, having a right-of-way adjoining ten feet wide.[1]

The buildings were described as:

"...substantially built, containing capacious bar and fittings, parlors, and six bedrooms, kitchen, &c. Also, detached cottage, and large shed used as a gingerbeer and lemonade manufactory, fitted with boilers, chimneys, &c., stables, and out houses."[1]


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