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[[Category:Mair Street]]

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The Thistle Inn was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1863>.



Is this the same business as the Thistle Hotel, also in Mair Street, in 1862.



The Thistle Inn was in Mair Street.[1]


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  • In 1863 the publican was Charles Pierce.[1] The police opposed his license application in 1863:
Charles Pierce, Thistle Inn, Mair street, (Inspector) Kabat opposed the application. The house was disgustingly dirty. Sergeant McCulloch said the house was in a very dirty state from bottom to top. There was no furniture—only sticks and stretchers— perhaps a colonial sofa or two. When he went upstairs he found the place very dirty, nothing but "pos" and slops. Mr Holmes for the applicant stated that his client had not then obtained possession. Inspector Kabat referred to the sergeant. The sergeant replied that the applicant was in possession at the time of his visit. Decision postponed till the 25th instant.[1]


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