Victoria Foundry, Ballarat

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Victoria Foundry

Victoria Foundry was located in Armstrong Street North of the Stork Hotel by Okey Creber and Co (later Hunt and Opie). It was one of Ballarat's earliest foundries, opening in March 1856. This foundry supplied 14 1/2 inch pipes for pumping the great Redan and Golden Gates Mines.

In 1858 the Victoria Foundry became a key part of Ballarat's industrial scene - being the first local manufacturer of an engine. The foundry then continue to innovate their methods of production and were able to achieve massive increases in the sizes of the engine parts they produced - enabling local mining ventures like the Leviathan Co. to increase the rate of production from their gold mines. (Bate, 1978)

By 1960 the Victoria Foundry had completed the first locomotive to be built in Ballarat, and the first to run to Western Australia.


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