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The Victoria Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1868-1915.




In December 1868 the hotel was offered for sale:

HOTEL PROPERTY, COBBLERS. To Hotel-keepers, Investors, and Others. JAMES ODDIE and CO, have received instructions from the proprietor, Mr L. Burke, to sell by auction, on Thursday, 17th December, at One o'clock. THE VICTORIA HOTEL, COBBLERS, doing a business second to none, in the district of Ballarat, being in close proximity to the Prince of Wales, Bonshaw, and New Prince of Wales claims, and an easy distance from the United Albion, Working Miners, Winter's Freehold, and others. Also commanding a good country trade, being on the junction of the Cambrian Hill, Cherry-tree, and Ross's Creek roads. The Hotel, which is a substantial wooden building, nearly new, with iron roof, contains 9 bedrooms, large dining-room, parlor, bagatelle-room, and spacious bar and cellar.[1]

The hotel did not sell at auction, and Burke was advertising it as being for sale or lease in February 1869.[2]

On 22 March 1915, the hotel was included on a list of hotels to be deprived of their licenses. This list was complied by the Licenses Reduction Board in Melbourne. Licensing district hearings for hotels on this list were to be held at the Ballarat Supreme Court on 11 May.[3] The hotel was delicensed in November 1915, and the court paid £230 compensation.[4]


The Victoria Hotel was in Sebastopol.[3] In 1868 the hotel was described as being at Cobblers, on the junction of Cambrian Hill, Cherry-tree, and Ross's Creek roads.[1] There is a Victoria Hotel shown in an 1866 photograph of Albert Street, Sebastopol, being down the road from the National Hotel.[5]


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  • In 1868 the publican was L. Burke.[1]


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