William Collard Smith (1830-1894)

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==See also==
==See also==
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[[Old Colonists' Association]]

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William Collard Smith, Federation University Historical Collection (Cat. No. 275)



William Collard Smith was born 19 July 1830 in Bollington (Cheshire, England) to William Smith and Margaret nee Wright.

William Collard Smith was a shareholder and director of the Phoenix Foundry.

William Collard Smith was Chairman of the Ballarat West Municipality in 1860, Mayor of the City of Ballarat in 1874, and Chairman of the Queen’s Jubilee Co. in 1887.[1]

William Collard Smith died 20 October 1894 at Brunswick (Victoria, Australia). He is buried in the Ballarat New Cemetery (Area Church of England E, Section 3, Grave 3).


Former Mayor of Ballarat. (See http://bih.ballarat.edu.au/index.php/Ballarat)


William Smith married Margaret Wright

--+ SON Smith

--+ Thomas Smith

--.--+ John Thomas Smith

--+ Hannah Smith married William Drabble (c1820-?)

--.--+ James Drabble (1843-?)

--.--+ Joseph Drabble (1848-?)

--.--+ Edward Drabble (1852-?) married Alice Finney

--.--+ William Drabble (1854-?) married Sarah Ann Leigh

--.--+ Ann Drabble (1859-?)

--+ William Collard Smith (1830-1894) married Ellen Teresa Newman (c1840-1881)

--.--+ William Newman Smith (1866-1875)

--+ Matilda Smith

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Old Colonists' Association



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