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William Dunstan was born 1895 in Ballarat East (Victoria, Australia) to William John Dunstan (1866-1939) and Henrietta nee Mitchell (1865-1921). He was educated at Golden Point State School.[1]

Before World War One William Dunstan was a clerk and delivery boy in Ballarat.[2]

William Dunstan enlisted in World War One with the Infantry Battalion - 1 t 8 Reinforcement (Service#2130) and landed at Gallipoli on 01 August 1915 with the 7th Battalion.[3] He fought at Lone Pine, Gallipoli. Very early on the morning of 09 August 1915 Dunstan and 10 others were attacked by Turkish troops. During attacks and counter attacks eight Australians lost their lives, and three remained. They resorted to catching enemy hand bombs and throwing them back at the STurks, or smothering any that landed with discarded enemy great coats. One of the remaining three was killed, and the other two, including William Dunstan, were wounded. The Turks were driven back again, and did not return. The remaining tow soldiers were left alone until relieved of their duty and admitted to hospital. The last three defeders were awarded the Victoria Cross in recognition of their outstanding courage and devotion to duty.[4]

After the war Dunstan was very successful in the newspaper business and eventually was appointed director of the Herald and Weekly Times.[5]

William Dunstan died 02/03/1957 Balaclava (Victoria, Australia), aged 62.


Honoured on the Ballarat Avenue of Honour for his World War One service, and the Golden Point State School Roll of Honor. He won the Victoria Cross.[6]

In August 1916 Lieutenant Williams Dunstan VC was elected as a member of the Old Colonists' Club Ballarat.[7]

A monument to William Dunstan was erected in Sturt Street, Ballarat.[8]


John Dunstan (c1833-1882)[9] married Nanny Collins (c1832-1910)[10]

--1 Jane Dunstan (1856-?)[11]

--1 Elizabeth Dunstan (1858-?)[12] married[13] Francis Henry Foster

--1 Grace Dunstan (1860-1900)[14] married[15] Joseph Lewis

--1 Mary Ann Dunstan (1865-?)[16]

--1 William John Dunstan (1866-1939)[17] married Henriette Mitchell married[18] Henrietta Mitchell (1865-1921)[19]

--.--2 Henry Dunstan (1887-1962)[20]

--.--2 Stanley Dunstan (1890-1945)[21]

--.--2 Vida Dunstan (1892-?)[22]

--.--2 William Dunstan (1895-1957)[23] married[24] Marjorie Lillian Stewart Carnell (1897-1974)[25]

--.--.--3 SON Dunstan

--.--.--3 SON Dunstan

--.--.--3 DAUGHTER Dunstan

--.--2 Eunice Dunstan (1898-?)[26]

--.--2 Grace Dunstan (1900.-1909)[27]

--.--2 Walter John Dunstan (1904-1927)[28]

--1 Richard Dunstan (1867-?)[29]

--1 Thomas Dunstan (1869-1948)[30]

--1 Henry Dunstan (1871-?)[31]

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