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The Yarrowee Hotel was in Ballarat East, Victoria <1858-1886>




The Yarrowee Hotel is mentioned in early newspapers in Ballarat. It was often used for meetings.

The Masonic Lodges of Ballarat met at the hotel in 1858 to set a "Fund of Benevolence" to help members in need.[1] Francis Everett Cooper, of Scarsdale, died at the hotel on 6 September 1859.[2] In 1861 Mr. William Semple, a candidate for the seat of Ballarat East, spoke at large gathering.[3]


The Yarrowee Hotel was in Main Road, Ballarat East. In 1869 it was next door to F. Atkins, Undertaker.[4]

In 1886 the Sulieman Pasha mining company owned the land, described as the "old Yarrowee Hotel site" and planned to sink their number two shaft on the site. Local residents approached the acting Minister for Mines, Mr. John James, and asked him to stop the development. He replied that as the company owned the land, he had no power to stop them.[5]


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In 1862, the publican was John Murphy.[6]


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